MMiN 2022

From 06/29/2022 to 07/02/2022

Université catholique de Lyon - 10 Place des Archives, 69002 Lyon

Scientific program

The plenary sessions and scientific program will be confirmed in Early Automn. They should be similar to the following symposia list initially proposed in 2020

Symposia list. Co-chairs / speakers (initial program for 2020)

1- Analytical measurements in non-mammalian systems.
Co-chairs: Michael Johnson, Laurent Seugnet
Speakers: Andy Ewing, Michael Johnson, Lingjun Li, Laurent Seugnet
2- Bringing light to the dynamics of intracellular signals in neurons.
Co-chairs: Pierre Vincent, Oliver Griesbeck
Speakers: Liliana Castro, Oliver Griesbeck, Dierk Reiff, Julien Courchet, Michael Russwurm – BIG FORMAT
3- Central and peripheral control of feeding.
Co-chairs: Fabien Naneix, Yvan Peterschmitt
Speakers: Stephanie Borgland, Daniela Cota, Pierre-Yves Risold, Tong Zhang
4- Developments and alternatives in microdialysis.
Co-chairs: Anne Andrews, Stephen Weber
Speakers: Anne Andrews, Anna Roszkowska, Mattieu Odijk, Stephen Weber, another speaker to be confirmed soonBIG FORMAT
5- From the inside out - dopamine neuron function and dysfunction.
Co-chairs: Leslie Sombers, Jyoti C. Patel
Speakers: Margaret Rice, Jyoti Patel, Leslie Sombers, David Sulzer
6- Functional and anatomical investigations of valence coding.
Co-chairs: James McCutcheon, Anna Beyeler
Speakers: Anna Beyeler, Amber Alhadeff, Ream Al-Hasani, Arif Hamid, Ingo Willuhn – BIG FORMAT
7- High temporal with high spatial resolution analysis: from synapse to vesicle.
Co-chairs: Andrew Ewing, Nhu Phan
Speakers: Nhu Phan, Ilaria Testa, Weihua Huang, Silvio Rizzoli.
8- Investigate astrocyte functions by monitoring dynamic change in glioactive molecules.
Co-chairs: Pierre Marquet, Jean-Marie Petit
Speakers: Anne Rancillac, Jean-Yves Chatton, Pierre Marquet, another speaker to be confirmed soon
9- Microdialysis to assess brain damage.
Co-chairs: Martyn Boutelle, Adrian Michael
Speakers: Keri Carpenter, Raimund Heilbock, Adrian Michael, Martyn Boutelle
10- Monitoring brain molecules by PET imaging.
Co-chairs: Luc Zimmer, Nicolas Costes
Speakers: Eric Salmon, Thierry Billard, Luc Zimmer, another speaker to be conformed soon
11- New insights into brain purinergic signaling.
Co-chairs: Jill Venton, David Blum
Speakers: Ashley Ross, Jill Venton, Francisco Ciruela, Rodrigo Cunha
12- New technologies for monitoring dopamine in vivo.
Co-chairs: Tommaso Patriarchi, Robert Kennedy
Speakers: Sara Jones, Robert Kennedy, Alan P. Jasanoff, Tommaso Patriarchi
13- Novel Frontiers in Neurochemical Analysis: Complementary tools providing fundamentally novel perspectives on the brain function.
Co-chairs: Parastoo Hashemi, Stephane Marinesco
Speakers: Parastoo Hashemi, Stephane Marinesco, Louis Eric Trudeau, Jonathan Marvin, Marsilea Booth (junior) – This symposium is supported by Analytical ChemistryBIG FORMAT
14- Optical techniques to probe function deeper in the brain.
Co-chairs: Paul Slesinger, Zhenpeng Qin
Speakers: Paul Slesinger, Zhenpeng Qin, Guosong Hong, Markita Landry
15- Real-time measurement of neurotransmitters and intracellular signaling in vivo with newly developed genetically-encoded sensors.
Co-chairs: David Lovinger, Paul Phillips, Armando Salinas
Speakers: David Lovinger, Tianyi Mao, Ted Hsu, Ao Dong (junior), Emily Wrights (junior) – BIG FORMAT
16- Seeing the light: fluorescence-based in vivo sensors of neuromodulator release.
Co-chairs: Eleanor H. Simpson
Speakers: Armando Salinas, Dan Covey, Mark Walton, another speaker to be confirmed soon

Symposia #2, #4, #6, #13, #15: tagged as BIG FORMAT, each symposium includes five speakers suggested by the co-chairs.

Symposium #13: Supported by Analytical Chemistry, it includes four senior speakers and one junior speaker.

The other symposia will include 4 speakers invited by the co-chairs, note that a 5th speaker will be chosen among the list of the people submitting a poster: Junior, take your chance!