MMiN 2022

Du 29/06/2022 au 02/07/2022

Université catholique de Lyon - 10 Place des Archives, 69002 Lyon


Updated December -14th 2021

We are pleased to share the program of the different sessions in parallel. The welcome session will be available soon.

Symposia list. (Co-chairs / speakers)

1- Analytical measurements in non-mammalian systems.
Co-chairs: Michael Johnson, Laurent Seugnet
Speakers: Laurent Seugnet, other speakers to be confirmed
2- Bringing light to the dynamics of intracellular signals in neurons.
Co-chairs: Pierre Vincent, Oliver Griesbeck
Speakers: Liliana Castro, Oliver Griesbeck, Dierk Reiff, Julien Courchet, another speaker to be confirmedBIG FORMAT
3- Central and peripheral control of feeding.
Co-chairs: Fabien Naneix, Yvan Peterschmitt
Speakers: Stephanie Borgland, Daniela Cota, Pierre-Yves Risold, Giuseppe Gangarossa
4- Developments and alternatives in microdialysis.
Co-chairs: Anne Andrews, Stephen Weber
Speakers: speakers to be confirmedBIG FORMAT
5- From the inside out - dopamine neuron function and dysfunction.
Co-chairs: Leslie Sombers, Jyoti C. Patel
Speakers: Margaret Rice, Jyoti Patel, Leslie Sombers, David Sulzer
6- Functional and anatomical investigations of valence coding.
Co-chairs: James McCutcheon, Anna Beyeler
Speakers: Anna Beyeler, Amber Alhadeff, Ream Al-Hasani, Arif Hamid, Ingo Willuhn – BIG FORMAT
7- High temporal with high spatial resolution analysis: from synapse to vesicle.
Co-chairs: Andrew Ewing, Nhu Phan
Speakers: Nhu Phan, Ilaria Testa, Silvio Rizzoli, another speaker to be confirmed
8- Investigate astrocyte functions by monitoring dynamic change in glioactive molecules.
Co-chairs: Pierre Marquet, Jean-Marie Petit
Speakers: Pierre Marquet, Armelle Rancillac, Jean-Yves Chatton, Nasser Haddjeri
9- Microdialysis to assess brain damage.
Co-chairs: Martyn Boutelle, Adrian Michael
Speakers: Keri Carpenter, Raimund Heilbock, Adrian Michael, Martyn Boutelle
10- Monitoring brain molecules by PET imaging.
Co-chairs: Luc Zimmer, Nicolas Costes
Speakers: speakers to be conformed soon
11- New insights into brain purinergic signaling.
Co-chairs: Jill Venton, David Blum
Speakers: Ashley Ross, Jill Venton, Francisco Ciruela, Rodrigo Cunha
12- New technologies for monitoring dopamine in vivo.
Co-chairs: Tommaso Patriarchi, Robert Kennedy
Speakers: Sara Jones, Robert Kennedy, Alan P. Jasanoff, Tommaso Patriarchi
13- Novel Frontiers in Neurochemical Analysis: Complementary tools providing fundamentally novel perspectives on the brain function.
Co-chairs: Parastoo Hashemi, Stephane Marinesco
Speakers: Parastoo Hashemi, Stephane Marinesco, Louis Eric Trudeau, Jonathan Marvin, Marsilea Booth (junior) – This symposium is supported by Analytical ChemistryBIG FORMAT
14- Optical techniques to probe function deeper in the brain.
Co-chairs: Paul Slesinger, Zhenpeng Qin
Speakers: Paul Slesinger, Zhenpeng Qin, Guosong Hong, Markita Landry
15- Real-time measurement of neurotransmitters and intracellular signaling in vivo with newly developed genetically-encoded sensors.
Co-chairs: David Lovinger, Paul Phillips, Armando Salinas
Speakers: David Lovinger, Tianyi Mao, Ted Hsu, Ao Dong (junior), Emily Wrights (junior) – BIG FORMAT
16- Seeing the light: fluorescence-based in vivo sensors of neuromodulator release.
Co-chairs: Eleanor H. Simpson, Ali Mohebi
Speakers: Armando Salinas, Dan Covey, Mark Walton, Ali Mohebi

Some sessions are tagged as BIG FORMAT, each symposium includes five speakers suggested by the symposium co-chairs.

Symposium #13: Supported by Analytical Chemistry, it includes four senior speakers and one junior speaker.

The other symposia will include 4 speakers invited by the co-chairs, note that a 5th speaker will be chosen among the list of the people submitting a poster: Junior, take your chance!